Groneberg barra de contactos y comentarios extra

Diseñado y fabricado en Alemania con patente registrada, un cable de amplias virtudes audiofilas para toda aplicación con una notable diferencia sobre productos del mismo o mayor rango de precio.
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Groneberg barra de contactos y comentarios extra

Notapor @armonia-av » Dom Abr 23, 2006 10:50 am

Nada del otro mundo, les presento este prototipo de barra de contactos de Groneberg que bien podría ya fabricarse en serie.

Tiene algunas cuestiones internas de filtraje (para pre/receiver)


El concepto de diseño de las barras de contacto Groneberg:

The cable is the filter. It just lets pass signals where voltage and
currency are at the same time (no phase shift). It works better the
longer the cable is (we have a consumer with 180m GTS in his house just
for the power supply).
We do not like filters in the power supply, because the have effects
like phase-shifts, we do not like. We take a lot of care to take just
contacts, etc. consisting out of copper or brass (brass consists of up
to 80% copper - we would like to take pure copper, even as contact, but
it is not allowed to do so. So brass is the best choice), because we
avoid the so called battery-effect. If you take two metals and put them
together this produces a voltage. This keeps small if the things that
you put together are out of the same or an equal material. You may have
noticed that most silver-plated copper-cables sound a little sharp in
the highs. This is based on the battery effect.

Sobre una feria de puros cables en Holanda organizada por la revista HVT:

Hi Eduardo,

it was the first national cable-day in the Netherlands, promoted by the leading hifi-magazin there called HVT (HiFi Video Test).

All known cable manufacturers were invited (e.g. Oehlbach, WBT, van de Hul, Siltech, Nordost, Kimber,…).

People were amazed from the sound of our TS-Premium that sounded equal or even better than other more expensive cables like the Nordost Valhalla (1 pair of speakercables 3,0m costs 15.000 Euro!!! Our TS-Premium costs just 710 Euro!!!).

There were about 500 to 1000 people there and the magazine was happy about the amount of people just coming to see and hear hifi-cables.

As I told me and my wife had two weeks holyday. In the first we renovated my home-office (I am sitting in there at the moment) with a better heat-protection (we had to to at the rising energy-prices), cables in the wall, etc. .

Best Regards


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